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John Izod Ltd. is owned and managed by
John who is the third generation of
lime plasterers in his family to work with these traditional methods. 
John has 27 years experience and is listed as
a specialist contractor with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), English Heritage as well as Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils.
Our experience ranges from working on Churches, Manor Houses, listed buildings, environmentally friendly projects, historical buildings through to modern buildings.

Techniques include:-
• Traditional Lime Plastering.
• Stucco Render -Running Mouldings
• Wattle & Daub.
• Pargeting.
• Bespoke Free hand Carvings
• Straw Bale.

Please browse our site for more information and visual examples.


Office: 01371 810987  Mobile: 07798 700705